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Kreditech Rus offers personal loans using cutting edge risk-lowering German scoring technology, providing an excellent investment opportunity with a high return on investment ...Read more

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How to Invest With Kreditech Rus

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Determine your investment period, and your preferred ROI. The minimum investment amount is 1.5 mln RUB. For investments over 10 mln RUB, we might be able to offer special conditions.

9 months - 11% pa
12 months - 11% pa
18 months - 12% pa
24 months - 12% pa
36 months - 13% pa

Let Your Investment Work

After you sign the contract and transfer the investment sum to Kreditech Rus, you will receive the accrued interest in your bank account on a monthly basis. At the end of the investment period, the initial investment sum will be credited to your bank account.

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About Kreditech Rus

Kreditech Rus uses machine learning algorithms and Big Data analysis for customer credibility evaluation. The unique scoring technology devised and provided by the Kreditech Holding SSL GmbH (Germany) is able to gather and analyze all the important online and provide the decision based on 20.000 parameters within seconds.

  • Top-2 online-only Microfinancial Institution in Russia by lending volume by RAEX
  • 1 mln 3 mln The Kreditech Group has already granted 1 million loans to date; 3 million unique applications scored

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